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“The Exchange Manifesto”


Bestselling author of “Capital Market Revolution” series produces a pocket field guide to the benefits of organised markets…


…How exchanges can benefit all sectors of society particularly in emerging markets…


…creating Sustainable Development at the lowest opportunity cost for government


New Book Promotes the Message of Sustainable Development Through Free Markets


Budapest, Buenos Aires, London, Monaco, 30th July: Communism may have proven a disaster in practice but its manifesto remains a bestseller. Now, the capitalist world is striking back with its own manifesto to explain how markets are working for everybody from subsistence farmers in India to mortgagees in the UK.


Patrick L Young author of the best-selling “Capital Market Revolution!” series has written “The Exchange Manifesto” to explain succinctly how markets work and why organized exchanges benefit all forms of society.


“Having been a key part of all successful civilizations throughout history, nowadays IT means that electronic exchanges are bringing benefits to everybody on the planet, helping to promote sustainable development for all” comments the author.


The central premise of “The Exchange Manifesto” is to promote understanding of how exchanges work and how they can benefit all manner of economies but particularly those in emerging markets which lack means to provide better security of trade for subsistence farmers and to promote commerce and sustainable growth.


A compact 100 page tome, “The Exchange Manifesto” has been written to celebrate the 10th anniversary of emerging market exchange organization “AFM” (Association of Futures Markets)”


Formed in Buenos Aires, the association marked its first decade by returning to Argentina in March 2007 and commissioning this book.


“With a membership spread through the world and with a heavy emphasis on the former Communist countries of Eastern Europe, the title “The Exchange Manifesto” seemed a natural one,” commented Riccardo Marra, Chairman of MaTBA, (the Buenos Aires futures market) and current Chairman of the AFM:


“We see “The Exchange Manifesto” as an ideal way to promote the world of exchanges and our association to all interested parties, whether they are in the media, regulation, politics or market practitioners themselves looking to create or promote new markets.


Exploring everything from the rich history of exchange markets through their proliferation as a result of the digital age and the rich choice of product they can provide, “The Exchange Manifesto” is the ideal starting place for anybody wishing to understand better just how exchanges can help sustainable development, reduce poverty and increase wealth for all.


“The concept that exchanges are just the preserve of the chauffeur-driven classes is a myth perpetuated by those who fail to understand how contemporary technology has made exchanges possible for even tiny niche commodities throughout the world,” adds Young.


The Exchange Manifesto is the first book to be published by specialist financial media company Derivatives Vision.


For further information, to co-ordinate an author interview or request a review copy, please contact:


Sabine Ferber, MPA, +33 624 78 74 04


The Exchange Manifesto

“How Organised Markets Sustain Development Throughout the World”

By Patrick L Young

Derivatives Vision Publishing

ISBN:  9789994922345

106 pages, paperback

Retail Price 9.99 UK, 19.99 US Dollars, 14.99 Euros



“The Exchange Manifesto

 – A Clear Vision for Sustainable Development”





About the Author


Patrick L Young


Patrick L Young is a leading independent thinker on capital market structure. A passionate innovator who has authored several bestselling financial books including the acclaimed “Capital Market Revolution!” he has a strong track record in proving prescient about market developments in everything from fees through stock exchange structure to the use of technology, the rise of hedge funds, new products and financial centres.



He has in the past consulted to many leading organisations throughout the world including exchanges such as Bourse de Montreal, CME, Deutsche Borse, Euronext, and many major banks/investment banks, hedge fund/fund managers and government organisations.


Patrick remains a sought after speaker at conferences throughout the world, having keynoted for audiences of up to 1000 people throughout the world. He is represented by Celebrity Speakers agency.


Patrick is a regular guest on CNBC Europe and a media commentator in leading financial journals and digital media, including the FT, Wall Street Journal and Australian Financial Review, having broadcast on BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, ITV and Reuters as well as networks in Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.


Patrick was appointed a director of specialist private brokerage boutique ODL Monaco upon its foundation early in 2007


Other books by Patrick L Young include:


  • Capital Market Revolution!        (Financial Times Prentice Hall 1999)
  • The Promiscuous Investor (erivatives 2001)
  • New Capital Market Revolution (Texere 2002)
  • Single Stock Futures – A Traders Guide (John Wiley 2003)
  • An Intangible Commodity (Editor) (erivatives 2004)