Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) and Indonesian Commodity Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) sign MoU

According to the report from IME’s International Affairs and PR, during the ceremony of signing 4 MOUs between Tehran and Jakarta held in Iran chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture (ICC) and attended by Hasan Rouhani, President of Iran, and Joko Widodo, President of Iran, Iranian and Indonesia private sectors signed 8 MOUs, one which was between IME and ICDX.

The meeting was attended by Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce of two countries, Megain Widjaja, the CEO of ICDX, Nursalam, CEO of Indonesia Clearing House, Hamed Soltaninejad, CEO of IME, a MoU was signed between IME and ICDX. The MoU was signed in order to create‎ a mechanism for long-term co-operation by developing channels of communication to foster the continuing relationship between the Parties for the benefit of the respective financial services industries in both Iran and Indonesia as well as to assist in the maintenance of orderly financial markets in each country, and accordingly have reached this understanding