Interconnection between ROFEX and MATba begins in May

Buenos Aires, April 2017.- After the signing of the interconnection agreement between ROFEX and MATba last January 4, 2017, the technical teams of both markets continue working to implement the integrated trading, which will begin next month. From that moment on, ROFEX´s Agents will be able to trade MATba´s Soybean contracts and MATba´s Agents will be able to trade ROFEX´s US dollar futures. The rest of the products will be incorporated in the following weeks and it is estimated that in 60 days the integrated trading of Argentine futures will be complete.

The joint efforts and actions regarding connectivity of platforms and their interfaces, product standardization and synchronization of clearing and settlement processes, are advancing in accordance with the agreement.

Thus, the long-standing wish of having access to all Argentine futures and options in a unified and simple manner will come true for many generations of intermediaries and participants of futures markets in Argentina.

Together, the markets have more than 200 agents and a high potential of product complementation, aiming at synergy between both institutions and the consolidation of futures and options markets in Argentina as an effective tool for hedging against price fluctuations.