Our 1-day workshop Digital Transformation and the Future of Financial and Commodity Markets in collaboration with GMEX Group was designed to provide a high-level view of the key areas illustrated with real world experiences. In doing so we endeavoured to cover current and future market infrastructure trends in:

  • Securities 
  • Derivatives 
  • Commodities 
  • Sustainability 
  • Alternative asset classes (such as digital assets covering the above and other areas - e.g. is the meta verse relevant for marketplaces of the future)
  • Evolution of technology and market infrastructure 
  • Interoperability between Traditional Finance (TradFi), Centralised Finance (CeFi) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

It was a great day of thought leadership, insights and senior-level networking, with attendees represented from 36 countries and participants from asset managers, banks, fintechs, climate tech firms, exchanges and private equity and VC investors, as well as industry bodies. We hope you found the session as insightful as we did.

See below for some highlights from the day:



Please also find a selection of photos from the day via the link below



GMEX will be releasing select interviews taken during the conference. They will be released on a weekly basis via: https://www.gmex-group.com/video-gmex-digital-talks-ep-1-with-dr-jez-mohideen-ceo-of-laser-digital/