09:30 – 09:45  Conference Welcoming Remarks

  • Pat Kenny, Chairman, Association of Futures Markets
  • Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO, GMEX Group
  • Mohammed Al Hashemi, Chairman, UAE Financial Markets Association (FMA)

 09:45 – 10:05  Keynote Presentation:

  • TBD

10:05 – 10:45  Roundtable 1:  What are the key opportunities for market growth in the MENA region and internationally in terms of business and related product innovations?

The panel will reflect on the past 2 years, understanding lessons learnt and opportunities for growth. It will tackle key innovations that are now becoming market standard e.g., exchange products (both traditional and digital assets), new methods in risk management and asset servicing opportunities.

Moderator: Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO, GMEX Group


  • Ms. Alina Aldambergen, Chair, Kazakhstan Stock Excgange (TBC)
  • Mr. Ramy El-Dokani, Executive Chairman, Egyptian Exchange
  • Gaurang Desai, Managing Director, Equiti Group (TBC)
  • Marwan Haddad, Group Investments CEO, Capital Investments (TBC)

10:45 – 11:10  Coffee/Tea

11:10 – 11:50  Roundtable 2: How do digital assets infrastructure and services need to evolve to facilitate increasing institutional involvement?

Key questions of the panel discussion include: How is market infrastructure evolving to service digitalization? How can traditional financial (TradeFI) players access digital assets and decentralized finance (DeFI) and where does centralized finance (CeFi) fit in given recent news. What are the key areas of demand? What challenges are they facing given existing centralised infrastructure and the need to access digital assets on new forms of infrastructure? We’ve seen tokenization emerge as one of the most interesting use cases of blockchain technology and so related to this what are the key tokenization opportunities? What is the role of regulation, policy and standards? What role will data play?

Moderator: Nicholas Steiner, Founder, TWIXIS Ventures


  • Gunsel Topbas, Regional Head of Securities Services, Citi
  • Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO, GMEX Group
  • Jez Mohideen, CEO, Laser Digital (a Nomura company)
  • Manuel Nordeste, Head of Business Development, Fidelity International (TBC)

11:50 – 12:10 Keynote Presentation:

  • TBD

12:10 – 12:50  Roundtable 3: What are the implications of digitalization for exchanges and the market participants which harness them?

Implications for the exchange landscape as digitalization gets established. In theory larger markets could offer hybrid opportunities however where does this leave the smaller single country / regional traditional exchange with its limited contract set?

How far has the transformation spread (in depth not superficially) and are traders ready for it? Is there a high investment cost to be able to process the increasing amounts of data that will be required to make informed trading decisions and effectively clear and settle?

Moderator: Patrick Young, Valereum PLC


  • Sebastian Gawenda, Global Head of Institutional Accounts, Crypto.com
  • Mike Kessler, CEO, Tokenise International Ltd
  • Giovanni Miano, CTO, Zodia Markets Exchange

12:50 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 14:40  Roundtable 4: What are the hottest trends and opportunities for Fintech Investment?

The panelists explore the hottest opportunities across the Fintech sector (including Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, GameFi, Security, internet of things (IoT), quantum computing) and the intersection of artificial intelligence with blockchain, in addition to broader digital investment trends in the sector.

Moderator: Mauro Romano, Board Member and SVP, Corporate Development, Symax Group


  • Pranav Sharma, General Partner, Woodstock Fund
  • Shahal Khan, Chairman, Burkhan Capital (TBC)
  • Dinis Guarda, Founder & CEO, Ztudium
  • Anoop Nannra, Co-Founder & CEO, Trugard Labs

14:40 – 15:20  Roundtable 5:  What will the impact of new technologies such as blockchain be on financial and commodities market infrastructures?

Panelists will address the adoption of blockchain and commodity trading, transaction and risk management (CTRM) technologies, smart contracts in exchange trade, automated exchanges. What are the new innovations most likely to have biggest positive impact? Is there any consensus on KPIs for electronic exchanges? Are there limitations on how far crypto exchanges and broader digital assets can develop? How likely it is that AI will replace traders and portfolio managers? What does this all mean for post trade processing?

Moderator: Pat Kenny, Vice President, CQG


  • Haisam Jamal, Co-Founder and CEO, Distichain
  • Geoffrey O. Odundo, Chief Executive, Nairobi Securities Exchange (TBC)
  • Megain Widjaja, CEO, Indonesia Clearing House
  • Emmanuel Devadeux, Head of Business Development, GMEX Group
  • Magnus Almqvist, Head of Sales, Exberry

15:20 – 15:50  Coffee/Tea

15:50 – 16:30  Roundtable 6:  How can commodity exchanges effectively position themselves in today’s evolving landscape and harness market infrastructure for competitive advantage?

The panel will feature discussion on positioning of commodity exchanges in today’s landscape, the road map for their future development. Has there been a boom in these markets and, if so, has the supporting infrastructure particularly clearing, settlement and delivery kept pace with the innovations in trading? What is the model for ESG in terms of carbon credits and climate (water, energy and food) in terms of commodity market development?

Moderator: Chris Sturgess, AFM


  • Ayodeji Balogun, CEO, AFEX Nigeria (TBC)
  • Anelisa Matutu, Head, Commodities, Capital Markets, JSE
  • Lamon Rutten, CEO, Mining & Metals Exchange
  • Krish Krishnan, CEO of Zasti and Director of Decarbonize

16:30 – 17:10  Roundtable 7:  How are traditional and digital payments and associated tools going to evolve, intersect and interoperate in an era of increased regulation?

The final roundtable will take stock of the role for traditional payments rails going forward and will analyse how stablecoins and CBDCs will evolve? How are traditional models being challenged by new blockchain based digital methods? Where does open banking fit into the model? Is it all about APIs or blockchains? What does this mean for KYC, AML, data and digital identity taking into account broader policy and regulatory considerations?

Moderator: Lisa Short, Founder & Director, Areté Business Performance (TBC)


  • Arushi Goel, Specialist, Data Policy and Blockchain, World Economic Forum
  • Jessica Naga, Co-Founding Director, Digital Bank Limited SECDEX Group and MINDEX (TBC)
  • Matthew Mecke, Founder and CEO, KOINON (TBC)
  • Jaspreet Randhawa, Founder and CEO, Reveri 

17:10 – 17:20 Concluding Remarks

17:30 – 18:30  Cocktail Reception