Conference Programme 

08:30               Registration, Tea/Coffee

09:00               Welcoming Comments

  • Patrick Kenny, Chairman, AFM; SVP CQG, US
  • Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO, GMEX Group


09:10              Keynote Speaker

  • Valerio Roncone, Head Product Management and Development, SIX Securities Services AG

09:35              Framework Presentation: Crypto Currencies – Where are we heading? Assessment of where we are today, understanding who are the major participants and how to increase the participation. What have been the main problems encountered and how can these be avoided in the future?

  •  Dmitry Kaminskiy, Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures


10:05                Panel Discussion 1: Crypto Currencies – Where are we now? What are the next milestones? What is the value of this market now and in 5-10 years?

        Moderator: Mike O’Hara – Partner, The Realisation Group

  • Panelists:
    Hirander Misra— Chairman and CEO, GMEX Group
    Sean Kiernan – CEO, DAG Global
    Dmitry Kaminskiy –Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures
    Selim Fendi - CEO, USAVE Blockchain Ltd.

11:05               Coffee break


11:35               Panel Discussion 2: Regulation or Self-Regulation. Crypto has thrived by being on the fringes – discuss the likely impact on growth if it becomes subject to mainstream regulation. Is there an argument for keeping Crypto outside the mainstream? Would any of the problems encountered to date been avoidable with stronger regulation?


  • Moderator: Patrick Kenny, Chairman of AFM; SVP of CQG
  • Panelists:
    Murad Baig - Chief Innovative Officer, Nestol Technologies
    Clive Furness - Managing Partner, Contango Markets
    Ivo Sauter, SIX Digital Exchange, Management team
    Tessa Jones, Manager, Regulation and Industry Technology, Futures Industry Association

 12:35               Lunch

 14:00              Panel Discussion 3: Threat to established business practices and traditional markets from blockchain-type of participants? Will blockchain disrupt / replace traditional futures markets and to what extent has the “Tokenisation” of commodities entered the markets? Discussion on the development of futures contracts initiatives on digital assets outside of regulated futures exchanges and whether there is any place for futures market networks to offer centralized services to the local crypto community.


  • Moderator: Paul Constantinou, President, AFM
  • Panelists:
    Mahesh Jayanarayan – CEO, EMED
    Piotr Arendarski , Chief Economist, Blockchain Board of Derivatives
    Chris Cleverly – CEO, Block Commodities and Co-Founder of FACE Blockchain
    Scott Riley - Chief Architect, Innovation in Earnest

15:05               Coffee break

15:20               Keynote Speaker
                         Jeremy Kemp, COO, Eqitrade

15:45              Case Study on ACE, a traditional Commodities Market, looking at benefits that may accrue from a shift to blockchain and Crypto

        Following an overview of the current structure of ACE (Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa) and its key services, our speakers will map this against the potential blockchain/Crypto model that could be put into place and explore some of the potential major benefits.

  • Kristian Moller, CEO of ACE and AFM Member
  • Rory O’Brien, Project Director, FinComEco and CEO of Abrdige Consulting Partners

16:45               Wrap Up and Concluding Remarks

17:00               Workshop Concludes