September 11, 2020

11:00 am-13:40 pm

Timings are indicated in CEST (GMT+2 – Budapest time)


11:00-11:15    Opening Remarks, Introduction of Participants, New Members

  • Mr. Patrick Kenny, AFM Chairman

11:15-11:25    2019 Financial and Program Report

  • Krisztina Kasza, AFM Secretary

11:25-11:40    AFM Board of Directors and Supervisory Board member elections; Election of the AFM Chairman

11:40-11:50    Discussion on the 2021 Annual Conference

11:50–12:30    Discussion Topic 1: Performance of markets in Q3 compared to Q2. Thoughts for the next 2 quarters

Moderator: Konstantin Saroyan, FEAS

  • Denise Huang,  TAIFEX
  • Daniel Kormoczi, Budapest Stock Exchange
  • Raphael Karuaihe, JSE

 12:30-13:10    Discussion Topic 2: Which markets are best equipped for the future? Physical vs Financial? Will Commodity Markets develop at a faster rate than before?

Moderator: Chris Sturgess, AFM

  • Terry Adembesa, NSE Kenya
  • Brian Brown, EURONEXT
  • Clive Furness, Contango Markets

13:10-13:40     Discussion Topic 3: Remote working - is it here to stay? Maybe not 100% but what are the main areas where it will remain prevalent?

Is the available technology to support the growth in remote access of a sufficient performance and security standard?

Moderator: Pat Kenny, CQG

  • Louisjan Bonthuys, STT
  • Araceli Basurot, MATBA/ROFEX
  • Babett Pavlics, KELER CCP

13:40               Meeting concludes


AFM Meeting  20200911