Annual Conference, 2005 Bucharest

Hotel Howard Johnson Grand Plaza

May 25-27, 2005

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The Conference feature the following topics:

May 26, Thursday

  • Rountable 1 /11:15 – 12:30/
    Impact of Outside Legislation and Liberalization on Emerging Markets

    Moderator: Ms. Karen Wuertz, Senior Vice President, National Futures Association, USA
    Panel members:
    Mr. Paul Gabriel Miclaus, Commissioner, National Securities Commission of Romania
    Mr. Richard Britton, International Securities Market Association (ISMA)
    Mr. Hristo Milenkov, Chairman, State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets, Bulgaria
    Ms. Liliana Paraipan, Director, Romanian Commodities Exchange

  • Roundtable 2 /14:00 – 15:15/
    Emerging vs. Developed: Characteristics, Differences, Borderlines; Risk Structure & the Guarantee Supplied by the Clearers in Emerging and Developed Markets
    Moderator: Rod Gravelet-Blondin, General Director, JSE Securities Exchange, South Africa
    Panel members:
    Mr. Sergei Mayorov, Director, MICEX, Russia
    Mr. Gustavo Armando Picolla Emerging vs. Developed_Picolla , General Manager, Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Mr. David Rutledge, Director, Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange, United Arab Emirates
    Mr. Robert Ray, Senior Vice President, Business Development for the CBOT, US

  • Roundtable 3 /15:45 – 17:00/
    Secrets to Successful Product Development: Finding and Developing What the Market Needs and then Selling it Properly

    Panel members:
    Sergey Zamolotskikh, Head of Product Development, RTS Stock Exchange
    Hamdi Bagci, CEO, Turkish Derivatives Exchange
    Simona Simon, Derivatives Market Business Development, EUREX Frankfurt AG
    Alan van Griethuysen, Euronext

May 27, Friday

Keynote Address /09:00 – 09:30/
Mr. Patrick Young, Chairman, erivatives, UK

  • Roundtable 4 /09:30 – 10:45 /

    Moderator: Mr. Patrick Young, Chairman, erivatives, UK
    Panel members:
    Mr. Thomas Kroon, Vice President, Regional Sales, OMX Technology , Sweden
    Mr. Philip Haynes, Head of Technology EMEA, Computershare Markets Technology, UK
    Dr. Jonathan Butler, Project Manager, Deutsche Boerse Systems, Germany
    Mr. Garry O’Reilly, Business Development Manager, MEFF, Spain
    Mr. Lawrence Peirson, European Head of Futures & Options, Barclays Capital, UK

  • Roundtable 5 /11:15 – 12:30/
    Alternative Investing in an Emerging Environment
    Moderator: Mr. Laurence Davison, Editor, Futures & Options Week
    Panel members:
    Mr. Peter Koster Alternative Investments, European Climate Exchange, the Netherlands
    Mr. Peter Werner, Policy Director, International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)
    Mr. Giorgio Szego Alternative Investments, Chairman, IPEX, Italy
    Mr. Victor Ionescu, General Manager, OPCOM, Romania
    Representative of Banca Comerciala Romana

  • Roundtable 6 /14:00 – 15:15/
    How to Organize Viable Co-operations – Regionally and/or Globally?
    Moderator: Mr. Robert Ray, Senior Vice President, Business Development for the CBOT, US
    Panel members:
    Mr. Csaba Bugar, CEO, Budapest Commodity Exchange
    Mr. Giorgio Szego Cooperations, Chairman, IPEX, Italy
    Ms. Liliana Paraipan, Director, Romanian Commodities Exchange, Romania
    Mr. Hans-Christian Koltze, Hanover Commodity Exchange, Germany

    Conference Agenda (207K 'pdf')

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