Conference in Montreux



Emerging Exchanges Extravaganza


An interesting and eventually provocative title for a series of seminars/workshops/panel discussions all of them really focusing on emerging exchanges, emerging economies looking to establish an exchange or exchanges, financing of such projects and any closely linked project, like establishing rules and regulations, creating the necessary infrastructure and logistics for training, creating synergies with existing structures, just to name a few ideas which lead the United Nations Commission for Trade and Development, the Swiss Futures and Options Association, the Association of Futures Markets and many friends representing highly reputable and experienced institutions to put together what we all feel will be highly interesting and most profitable events/sessions to attend and participate in.

For now quite some years……close to 10 ….. UNCTAD and SFOA have built up a wonderful, mutually enriching and profitable cooperation geared towards helping emerging economies/markets/exchanges to find their way into global financial markets. The annual international SFOA Bürgenstock meeting was an ideal place to reach out for experience and expertise of those individuals/institutions ready to share and willing to participate in this adventure.

Forced to change venue for its 28th Intl. SFOA “Bürgenstock” meeting, for SFOA, 2007 is the year of change, of questioning established systems and structures; a year of great challenge and of course opportunities.

What UNCTAD, SFOA, AFM with the assistance of CAPMEX and many other individuals and institutions have put together is probably unique. Only comments of the participants, new ventures and initiatives deriving from the initiative will show, if our vision was indeed equally unique.



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