Conference in Montreux


Day I                 Day II                   Day III



Day I: Geneva, September 3
United Nations Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Palais de Nations, Geneva


UNCTAD Expert Meeting: Trade and Development Implications of Commodity Exchanges


10.00-10:30  Introduction and Presentation of the UNCTAD Secretariat Background Paper

                     by Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary General, UNCTAD

10.30-13.00  Commodity Exchanges: Experience of Development Impacts

13.00-15.00  Lunch

15.00-16.30  Perspective on the Appropriate Regulatory Framework for Commodity Exchanges in Developing   Economies

16.30-18.00  Regional Integration: South-South Trade and Commodity Exchanges: Experience and Possibilities

18.00-20.00  Cocktails


Day II: Geneva, September 4
United Nations Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Palais de Nations, Geneva


SFOA-AFM Special: Funding Sources for Capital Market & Exchange Development and How to Apply - Workshop


09.30             Introduction and Presentation

                      by Paul-Andre Jacot, President and CEO, Swiss Futures and Options Association

09.45-12.30   Financing Projects Geared Towards Establishing Exchanges in Emerging Economies - Overview of Potential Financing Sources - Who Finances Development Projects for Exchanges, Clearing Houses, Supervisory Authorities, Education

12:30             Lunch

13.45-15.30   Interrelation: beneficiary-donor-consultant/supplier; How to Write a Convincing Funding Application and What Are the Key Points to Consider

16.00             Workshop Summary and Feedback

16.30             Transfers to Montreux


Day III and ff: Montreux, September 5-7

Montreux Palace and Resort


SFOA-AFM Special Emerging Markets Forum


08.30              Keynote address by Dr. Arshad Khan, Director, FT Middle East, Dubai

                       Roundtable I: Technology: IT Infrastructure in Emerging Markets/Economies

                       Moderator: Patrick Catania

Panelists: Graeme Neilly (Patsystems); Dr. Arshan Khan, FT; Tim Geannopoulos, TT; Steffen  Gem├╝nden, RTS; OMX

 10.15-11.45   Roundtable II: Education: Public-Private Partnership in Education

                      Moderator: Ann Berg

Panelists: Prof. Mark Holder, Kent State University; Karen Wuertz, NFA; David Rutledge,    DGCX; Allan  Thomson, JSE Limited 

12.00             Lunch


13.00-14.30   Roundtable III: Market Integrity: Building Up and Maintaining Market Integrity Witjin a Growing Exchange

                      Moderator: Otto Naegeli

Panelists: P.H. Ravikumar, NCDEX; Rod Gravelet-Blondin, JSE Limited; Sergey Mayorov, MICEX; Hamdi   Bagci, TURKDEX


14.30-15.45    AFM General Assembly (on invitation basis only)


16:00             please refer to the official program of the 28th Int'l SFOA "B├╝rgenstock" Meeting at


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