DAY 1: Wednesday, March 3
Pre-conference workshop: MARKETING AN EXCHANGE

Session 1: Examining some of the theory behind marketing an exchange.

Questions to cover include:

  • Should an exchange engage in marketing? Why?
  • Does a monopolistic situation affect this and if yes, in what way?
  • Does the nature of the exchange (stock/derivative/agricultural) impact marketing?
  • Who should do the marketing – the exchange, the members, the government?
  • How do you deal with “competitive marketing?”
  • How much should be spent on marketing (as % of budget)?
  • How to address “derivaphobia” thorough marketing?
  • Should marketing dictate (or influence) what products are listed?

Session 2: Looking at the practical issues.

Questions to cover include:

  • What marketing mediums to use? Print, TV, radio?
  • Can marketing be done in isolation to education?
  • How do you measure success?
  • What level should you pitch at?
  • Are “shows” an effective marketing vehicle – reasons.
  • Targeting marketing to specific market sectors?

Session 3: Practical examples of marketing an exchange.

Three or four exchanges to give one practical example each of an effective marketing campaign. From planning, who was involved, how it was run and feedback

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Delegates are invited to participate in the simulation that powers Traders Trophy Worldwide.
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 DAY 2: Thursday, March 4
13th Annual AFM Conference

Roundtable 1:  The Dutch Derivatives Triangle:  Brokers, Exchange and Liquidity ProvidersRoundtable 2: Regulation or Self-Regulation

  • Is Regulation necessary?
  • Who are what is regulation supposed to protect?
  • Examples of good and useful regulations
  • Fear of over-regulation?

Roundtable 3: Regional Commodity Exchanges

Roundtable 4: Environmental Products and Markets 


 DAY 3: Friday, March 5
13th Annual AFM Conference

Roundtable 5: Structured Products in Emerging Markets

Roundtable 6: IT Solutions in Emerging Markets

Roundtable 7: Market Makers and Their Added Value for Exchanges

  • The role of Market Makers in international capital markets
  • Market Makers and market liquidity
  • Market Makers and the IT infrastructure
  • Challenges and benefits of Market Maker model implementation in Emerging Markets

Conference Wrap Up Session