Emerging Markets Forum

AFM is co-organizer of the Emerging Markets Forum of the 35th Bürgenstock Conference: The Global Forum for Derivatives Markets, which will be held between 23-25 September 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland - organised by SFOA, FIA and FIA Europe.

For programme details, registration and accommodation information please refer to the following website: http://www.burgenstock.org/default.asp

Agenda of the Emerging Markets Forum

Tuesday, September 23

10.15 - 15.00 Emerging Markets Forum: Commodity Markets
Venue: InterContinental Hotel, Ballroom B
10:15 - 10:45 Keynote Addess
David Bicchetti, Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD  
10:45 – 12:00 Roundtable Discussion 1: The Influence of Governments Mandating Products to be Traded Through the Exchange - Is This the Way Forward for Exchanges?
As many emerging exchanges compete for their existence in the open markets, a trend that is evolving is the position of governments mandating that certain commodities only be traded through the exchange leaving market participants no other alternative. Is this practice sustainable and should more countries adopt this approach?
Chris Sturgess, Director, Commodity Derivatives, Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Ágnes Juhász, Chief Advisor,  International Policy and Strategy, KELER CCP Ltd.
Ireneusz Łazor, President of the Management Board, Polish Power Exchange S.A.  
Avinash Mohan, Executive Vice President, NCDEX India
Megain Widjaja, CEO, Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (Chairman, AFM)
12:00 – 13:30 Lunch Break


Invitation to Attend AFM's 18th Annual Conference in Krakow, Poland in 2015
Megain Widjaja, CEO, Indonesian Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (Chairman, AFM)
Ireneusz Łazor, President of the Management Board, Polish Power Exchange S.A.
13:40 – 14:45 Roundtable Discussion 2: Should Newer Exchanges Collaborate with Established Markets? If So, How?
With recent news like ICE acquiring SMX, HKEx acquiring LME, Eurex tied up with TAIFEX, CME acquiring 25% of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, bigger exchanges are finding ways to penetrate new markets and smaller local exchanges are opening themselves for strategic collaboration, the question will be: Is this the way forward? Who benefits from this collaboration? What are the possible downsides of working so closely with a larger exchange? Is there an optimal model to be followed? What kind of models are already out there?
James Davies, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets Exchange Group (GMEX)  

Muammer Cakir, Head, Derivatives Market - VIOP, Borsa Istanbul

Patrick Kenny, SVP Client Relations, CQG Inc.


Paul Meier, Honorary Chairman, SFOA; Honorary Member, AFM

Nehal Vora, Chief Regulatory Officer, Bombay Stock Exchange