2016 September Workshop

AFM Workshop:

Embracing New Technology and Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities for Markets

Budapest, Hungary - September 30, 2016


The Association of Futures Markets organised a workshop focuses on new technologies and innovations and their possible impact on markets.

Workshop presentations can bel downloaded from here:

Draft Agenda

September 29

19:00               Dinner sponsored by KELER CCP in the New York Café of Hotel Boscolo


September 30

09:00               Welcoming Comments

  • Paul Constantinou, AFM
  • Richárd Végh, CEO, Budapest Stock Exchange
  • György Dudás, CEO, KELER


09:30               Framework Presentation: Using the Blockchain in trading - distributed, disintermediating, disruptive by Dr. Michael Merz, Ponton GmbH, Germany


10:00             Using the Blockchain in trading, implications on markets – Panel Discussion

 Moderator: Paul Constantinou, AFM


  • Dr. Michael Merz, Ponton GmbH, Germany
  • Tamás Blummer, Chief Ledger Architect, Digital Asset, Hungary
  • Dániel Körmöczi, Deputy CEO, Budapest Stock Exchange
  • Chip Dempsey, US
  • Alastair McAlpine, Sales Executive, NASDAQ

11:15               Coffee break


11:45                European Securities and Markets Authority: Discussion paper on Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Securities                Market -  view of the Federation of European Stock Exchanges by Richard Gardner, FESE


12:15               Recent Developments and Trends in Using Blockchain in Collateral Management by Hossein Mohammadi, Chief Business Development Officer, Iran Mercantile Exchange


12:45               Lunch


14:15               Clearing: Latest Developments, Implications of Blockchain on Clearing, Can Blockchain Replace Clearing? – Panel Discussion

 Moderator: Hossein Mohammadi, Chief Business Development Officer, Iran Mercantile Exchange


  • Anthony Zangrilli, CME Clearing Europe
  • Rafael Plata, Secretary General, European Association of CCP Clearing Houses
  • Clive Furness, Contango Markets
  • Peter Boehmwalder, NASDAQ Commodities, Austria

 15:15              Cybersecurity and the Impplications of New technology – Panel Discussion

 Moderator: Patrick Kenny, CQG, US


  • Dale Spoljaric, Managng Director, Compliance Department, National Futures Association
  • Clive Furness, Contango Markets
  • Tamas Blummer, Digital Asset


 16:00              Wrap Up and Concluding Remarks