AFM invites you to celebrate our 20th anniversary of the Association’s Annual Conference in Argentina on March 9-11, 2017! Since 1998, this conference has been sharing and promoting best exchange, clearing and IT practices and attempted to offer informal and relaxed networking opportunities for its member and partner organisations

Argentina is an iconic venue for AFM, we tend to go back to this amazing country to celebrate our anniversaries and the hospitality is always outstanding.

This time we are proud to have two host organisations for the Conference. The Mercado a Termino de Buenos Aires (MATba) is one of the few founding members of AFM and we are happy that MATba has been devoted to AFM in spite of all the difficulties they have faced over the past years and they are fully committed to our 20th anniversary celebration. The Rosario Futures Exchange, ROFEX joined AFM in 2007 and has been very dedicated to AFM matters and meetings ever since their joining AFM.

In order to honour these AFM members the anniversary will be celebrated in two locations in Argentina. The Conference starts on March 9 in Buenos Aires at the MATba premises with conference delegates being transported to Rosario on March 10 so that the conference can continue in the home city of ROFEX.

Help us commemorate this incredible milestone of AFM and join us in Argentina in March 2017!

Host organisations:

MATba (Buenos Aires)
More than 80 MATba members trade futures and options contracts on agricultural commodities using the open outcry system or MATba’s electronic platform. MATba registers, guarantees, clears and settles every contract traded at the Exchange. Its role is to provide a transparent and liquid market for its member and customers, to use for price discovery, risk management and investment purposes.

ROFEX (Rosario)

ROFEX works to provide products to enable efficient coverages with financial and commodities futures and options contracts and with global state-of-the-art technology and guarantee system. ROFEX has a demutualized company structure that positions the exchange as the local leader among Argentine markets with the potentiality to integrate global trading networks. In 2011 ROFEX signed settlement prices licensing agreement with CME.