Last updated: March 2014

Swiss Futures and Options Association (SFOA)


18 b, rue du Gothard
CH-1225 Chêne-Bourg
Tel: +41 22 860 21 03
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Established: 1979

Type: Industry association




Mrs. Carol Gregoir, Secretary General (
Mr.  Otto E. Naegeli  (
Mr. Paul-André Jacot, President and CEO (


Aims and goals

To serve and promote the derivatives industry, its participants and products - in the widest sense and to help set the standards of quality and service for its members

To set a basis for self-regulation for all those who are involved or interested to become involved in the futures and options industry


Our members are institutions only, concerned with the derivatives industry (futures and options)

This category includes:

- any exchange or clearing organization in Switzerland or abroad that is subject to state regulation, as well as Swiss or foreign professional associations whose purposes or activities are, either directly or indirectly, close to those of the Association.
This category includes:
- commission houses, clearing brokers, banks and financial institutions with clearing membership and, more generally, any company which is or represents a commission house and holds a membership at a recognized futures and options exchange,
-       brokers, i.e. persons or bodies with no direct access to an exchange for their trading and/or their clearing operations, but whose activity is to trade on behalf of their clients, and whose ethics and/or reputation are comparable to those of a commission house linked to an exchange,
- banks and financial institutions,
- insurance companies,
- pension funds,
- commodity and derivatives traders, and, more generally,
- any company or institution which, on its own account, conducts forward or spot transactions on an official or secondary market (including commodity markets and all types of derivatives markets) in order to hedge their business risks.
This category includes:
-       service companies, i.e. companies which do not operate directly on the markets but which carry out activities that are directly or indirectly linked to the derivatives markets (i.e. service companies, companies whose business is futures and options exchange information as well as commodity markets, trust accountants, IT service companies (SSII), consultants, attorneys, auditors, etc.



The Swiss Derivatives Review (SDR) is the official publication of the Swiss Futures and Options Association and is distributed free to members and friends of SFOA. The SDR is issued three times a year and reaches 20,000 influential readers in Switzerland and abroad. As a member magazine, the objective of the SDR is to update on SFOA’s activities as well as to provide news and information on the derivatives industry, exchanges and key market players. The SDR also features high caliber editorials with regular contributions on professional issues written by recognized experts.


“An intangible commodity” – A tribute to SFOA and all those who have contributed to forge the derivatives industry at large – at the occasion of the 25 th anniversary of SFOA

The world’s Commodity Exchanges – Past – Present – Future - A joint publication of SFOA and UNCTAD

International SFOA “Bürgenstock” conference

Since its creation, in 1979, SFOA organizes every year in September, the Intl. SFOA “Bürgenstock” Meeting an international symposium of high ranking executives from exchanges, regulatory bodies, commission houses, servicing companies and other financial institutions connected with the derivatives industry. In 2013, SFOA partenered with FIA to organize the conference, renamed"Bürgenstock: the Global Forum for Derivatives Markets".

Since 1984, concurrent with the Intl. SFOA Bürgenstock Meeting, SFOA encourages regulator’s from all over the world to convene, for a meeting, strictly reserved for regulator’s and a selection of representatives of self-regulatory organizations, at the venue of the SFOA “Bürgenstock” Meeting and to thereafter meet with the industry representatives in order to exchange experience and visions concerning the industry in general and its regulation in particular(Start a new sentance here) Since 1998, concurrent with the Intl. SFOA “Bürgenstock” Meeting, SFOA encourages representatives of emerging markets, from all over the world to convene for a special meeting – also open to representatives from mature exchanges – where topics of particular interest to them are discussed and debated and to then meet with all participants to the meeting.

Timely events

On request by its member organizations, SFOA also organizes seminars on timely issues as well as  presentations and road shows on various products and techniques in the most important financial centers in Switzerland.