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Ethiopia Commodity Exchange

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Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX), a not for profit government owned private- public entity, is a spot exchange established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ECX was established in April 2008 by proclamation number 550/2007 and is regulated by Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Authority (ECEA). It is a unique partnership of market actors, the Members of the Exchange, and its main promoter, the Government of Ethiopia. It is an end-to-end market that provides warehouse Operations, Quality Operations, Trading Operations, Clearing & settlement and Market data dissemination. ECX represents the future of Ethiopia, bringing integrity, security, and efficiency to the market. It is a market for domestic traders.

TYPE: Electronic Spot Trading and Auction


ECX had evolve on development and introduction of wide range of agricultural commodities including Coffee, Sesame, Maize, Wheat, White Pea Beans, Red Kidney Bean, Green Mung Bean, soya Bean, Niger seed, White Pigeon Bean, Speckled beans and Pinto bean. Spices and mining products will join the market soon.

In 2020/21 (2013 E.C) ECX traded over 600,000 tons of various agricultural commodities which is about 1 billon USD in value.

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To trade at ECX, traders must be either member, anon-member direct trader (NMDT) or clients. ECX members are the core actors of the Exchange. A membership seat is a permanent and transferable right to trade on the Exchange. Recently, the exchange opened a trade access to non-member direct traders (NMDTs) that allows them to buy or sell commodities for themselves only without being represented by an intermediary member (IM). An Intermediary Member (IM) or Limited Intermediary Member represents a Client. A client of an IM has the opportunity to buy and sell all commodities offered by the exchange.