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AFM Autumn Workshop

May 9-10

Current technologies and market trends, putting theories into practice

A look at the impact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are making in established markets and processes

AFM in partnership with GMEX Group is organising a technical workshop on September 12, 2018 in London with the purpose to look at examples of how new technologies e.g. blockchain have been used across the industry (e.g. trading and post-trade, highlighting both successes and failures).This falls in with the underlying ethos of the AFM being that of learning through shared experience.

The same will apply to market trends where some time will be given to looking into the variety of cryptocurrencies that are available and how the traditional and new markets are taking up the challenge. Picking up on market dialogue there will be discussion on the regulation of cryptocurrencies and the role that traditional exchanges are taking in launching contracts such as Bitcoin Futures with the impact this had on the market.

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