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MATBA and ROFEX signing integration commitment

Authorities from both markets have held a meeting at the MATba head office and have formally initiated the merger process.

Buenos Aires, 25th October 2018. Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires S.A. (MATba) and ROFEX S.A. have signed a previous merger commitment in order to continue operating as a single integrated market.

The following step will be to demand the approval of the different shareholders’ assemblies, which will be held next December.

“We follow the tendency of the world’s great markets, which have gone through virtuous integrations, thus achieving a greater efficiency, improving their technology, increasing the liquidity and quality of the products offered”, stated in this sense ROFEX President Andrés Ponte.

On his part, MATba President Marcos Hermansson assured that “we believe in the synergy and we must go for the joint work for the parties’ benefit and the development of a great capitals market”.

Authorities from both markets have expressed their approval for the negotiations progress, thus continuing a path initiated on 4th January 2017 with the signature of the Interconnection Agreement, from which the corresponding operating platforms were integrated. The main purpose of the merger is to multiply the negotiation volumes, to avoid the products segmentation, to simplify operations for agents and customers, thus boosting the Argentinian capitals market.

Both ROFEX and MATba are centenarian markets and the main trading marketplaces of futures, financial and agricultural options in the country.



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