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MATba and ROFEX merge

After their approval in both extraordinary meetings, ROFEX and MATba merge into a single futures exchange.

As it was expected, the MATba extraordinary meeting was held. With a substantial and massive shareholders’ attendance, which reached almost the 80%, the approval for the MATba ROFEX merge was obtained with the 67.55% votes in favor. It is worth mentioning that on 11th December the ROFEX meeting was held with an almost unanimous voting in favor of the merge and an 80% attendance record.

Thus, an integration process which started two years ago with the interconnection of trading platforms continues, and in the next months the actions to complete the unification process which is expected for early May 2019 will be intensified.

MATba Chairman Marcos Hermansson expressed his gratitude to shareholders, as this proves once more the significant importance which they give to a crucial and vital decision to generate a great futures market in the Argentine Republic.

ROFEX Chairman Andrés Ponte stated that the merge represents a historical step. “This is great news within a difficult national situation. We have managed to integrate two cultures in order to boost the Argentinian capitals market.”

Both Boards of Directors thanked the legal consultants Nicholson & Cano Abogados, the financial consultants Columbus MB S.A. and the work teams of the two markets who have actively participated in the project since the beginning.

As it was approved in the respective meetings, the Board of Directors integrating the new company will be constituted as follows:

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Andrés Emilio Ponte

Vice-Chairman: Marcos Andrés Hermansson

Secretary: Francisco Javier María Fernández Candia

Treasurer: Luis Alberto Herrera

Member: Ignacio María Bosch

Member: Marcelo José Rossi

Member: Alfredo Rubén Conde

Member: Juan Fabricio Silvestri

Member: Ricardo Daniel Marra

Member: Ignacio Enrique Miles

Member: Sebastián Martín Bravo

Member: Gustavo César Cortona

Alternate Members:

Leandro Salvatierra, Ricardo Gustavo Forbes, Ignacio Plaza, José Carlos Martins, Pablo Leandro Torti, Martín Laplacette, Fernando Carlos Boggione, Delfín Morgan, Juan Franchi, Fernando Julián Echazarreta, Ernesto Antuña and Diego Hernán Cifarelli.

Statutory Audit Committee:

President Dr. Fernando Raúl José Viñals; Permanent Controllers Jose María Ibarbia and Sergio Miguel Roldán; and Deputy Controllers Enrique Mario Lingua, Sebastián Pels and María Laura Rodríguez de Sanctis.



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