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Matba Rofex Group acquires Lumina Americas

Matba Rofex Group acquires Lumina Americas, expanding its technology offerings in Latin America

Through the acquisition of Lumina Americas, MtR accelerates its strategy to provide infrastructure and solutions to the capital markets in the region.

Rosario, July 12, 2022.- The pandemic has led to a surge in the region's capital markets. Besides being one of the leading futures exchanges in the region, Matba Rofex also has a growing technology vertical that serves the local capital markets and mutual fund industries through its subsidiary, Primary.

Primary has been growing its regional clients, especially in Paraguay and Uruguay. Furthermore, after months of strategic analysis focused on continuing to develop the international segment, the acquisition of Lumina Americas provided the opportunity to expand into more consolidated markets.

Lumina Americas is an Argentine company with a development team located in the country, but with a strong presence in the Mexican market. The company holds a significant position on this market and competes with leading global suppliers.

Andrés Ponte, Matba Rofex President, described this operation as a key milestone in the group's growth process: "Lumina Americas has a privileged customer base in a market like Mexico and is offering a highly competitive product internationally. A group of talented professionals has proven successful in one of the markets with greatest potential in the region. It is our expectation that Lumina Americas and Primary complement their product offering and allow us to establish as benchmarks in Latin America."

Gustavo Amor, CEO of Lumina Americas, commented, "Initially we were surprised that Matba Rofex was interested in our business. However, as we learned more about them, we realized that they have a vision that places technology at the forefront of their operations. Joining the group will help us expand our business both in Mexico and in other parts of the region."

As for Sebastián Ferro, CEO of Primary, he emphasized the complementary nature of the companies: “Lumina Americas and Primary operate in similar segments of the financial industry. Despite this, the clients and the architecture of the markets where they operate make them complement each other completely with no overlap. With a highly qualified team to satisfy customers, together we can offer solutions to address a much broader range of needs and latitudes”.

Lumina Americas will continue to operate as an independent company, maintaining its current management and teams and providing client services as usual.

As a result of this transaction, 50% of Matba Rofex's revenue will come from technology services for key players in the financial industry and capital markets, with a third coming from clients abroad.

About Lumina Americas: Lumina Americas is a software company that designs, develops, and implements financial industry solutions with a focus on Latin America and a leadership position in Mexico. Lumina Americas has worked for several leading entities in the financial markets over the past two decades.

With a team of more than 140 professionals has extensive experience executing highly complex projects, ranging from conception to implementation and start-up of mission-critical applications that meet the most sophisticated demands of financial institutions. With its portfolio of solutions, it promotes efficiency and scalability across various verticals, including capital markets, wealth management, customer financial product distribution, treasury, liquidity, and collateral management.

For more information, visit https://www.luminaamericas.com

About Matba Rofex: The Matba Rofex Group emerged in 2019 by merging two exchanges with centuries of futures and options trading history: Mercado a Término de Buenos Aires and ROFEX S.A. It is now Latin America's second largest futures exchange. In the last two decades, Matba Rofex has been making heavy use of technology through Primary, its technology arm. The company develops all trading, post-trade and market risk systems, as well as provides trading and BackOffice software for Broker Dealers and Mutual Funds Managers of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Matba Rofex is listed on BYMA under the ticker MTR.

For more information, visit https://www.matbarofex.com.ar/



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