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AFM Workshop on Jan 26

AFM in cooperation with GMEX is organising a technical workshop on Digital Transformation on January 26 in Dubai

With the continued evolution of the digital markets, it is perhaps time for practitioners from all markets to take stock of the situation and understand the options that lay ahead. As always there is a real need for education with a focus on how the digital and traditional markets can co-exist and continue to be valid.


It should be emphasised that digital transformation and crypto are not the same thing. If traditional  exchanges do not embrace digital transformation (and we are not taking crypto here) they will become less relevant and in numerous cases cease to exist. This therefore is both an evolution and an education and, in most cases, depends on in country policy and regulations. For it to flourish there must be early adopters who, as well-established traditional markets and practitioners, will take the role of digital champions.


Our 1-day workshop Digital Transformation and the Future of Financial and Commodity Markets in collaboration with GMEX Group is designed to provide a high-level view of the key areas illustrated with real world experiences. In doing so we will endeavour to cover current and future market infrastructure trends in:


  • Securities 
  • Derivatives 
  • Commodities 
  • Sustainability 
  • Alternative asset classes (such as digital assets covering the above and other areas - e.g. is the meta verse relevant for marketplaces of the future)
  • Evolution of technology and market infrastructure 
  • Interoperability between Traditional Finance (TradFi), Centralised Finance (CeFi) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)


Within these headline topics we will also discuss:

  • settlement possibilities
  • blockchain disitributed ledger technology
  • demystifying NFTs


This all against the backdrop of finance as facilitator and technology as enabler for these multiple sectors.



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