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TAIFEX Volumes

TAIFEX Reported Steady Volume Increase in March

Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) reported a total volume of 30,996,997 contracts with an
average daily volume (ADV) of 1,347,696 contracts traded in March 2023 , a n in crease of 8.42
in monthly ADV as compared to February . ADV of TAIEX Options (TXO), Mini TAIEX Futures
(MTX) and TAIEX Futures (TX) grew 9.37% to 727,472 contracts, 10.96% to 285,451 contracts
and 11.74% to 150,941 contracts o ver the previous month , respectively, while that of Single
Stock Futures (STF) showed a slight decrease of 1.94% to 162,967 contracts. For t he night trading
session, the o ver a ll ADV t raded overnight also rose 11.12 % over February and accounted for 36.42% of the market's total volume.

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